update in english;)

ok as you complained about the german texts here's the english version. sorry if i don't write as detailed as i do in german:D


soo i arrived in ireland nearly a month ago now. somehow time flew incredibly fast and at the same time it feels like i'm here for ages!!

I feel extremly home and settle in very good. My family is just adorable. The boys are great. The elder one helps me a lot and we discovered that we have nearly the same interests what makes it much easier to reach him, as he is very quiet. in opposite to him the younger one is much louder, he likes to have everyones attention (and he knows how to get it ) and is a really funny guy.

I already met a lot of other au pairs (mostly germans) and we have sooo much fun together discovering this amazing country. every weekend we choose an other city to visit. also we're trying to get to know as much of the irish culture as possible. when ever we find out something that's tipical irish we copy the behaviour to try not to get any attention as foreigners, sadly we are rubish in not getting any attention as every time we try we shout "WE'RE SO IRISH!!!" :/ But it's great fun!!

Until now the biggest challenge has been the driving! it really surprised me that it wasn't such a big problem to get used to the left side of the road, but the streets here in ireland are a nightmare!!! they are small, narrow, with holes everywhere and as if that wasn't enough full of tractors, trucks and dogs that just sit on the side of the road waiting for a car to come to run in front of it. but i got used to it and it's getting better every day

 All in all i enjoy the tea and settle down very good


oh and if you're wondering about a crazy picture of me with a swimming hat: i promised to upload one because here you have to wear them when you go swimming and i didn't know that until i was nearly kicked out of a pool and i never wore one before! 

21.9.13 23:25


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